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Win Inertia will Incorporate Maxwell Ultracap in Rail System

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MXWL) announced today that Win Inertia, an engineering firm specializing in power electronics, energy storage and control and communication systems, is using its ultracapacitors for a stationary wayside braking energy recuperation system at an electric rail system in Cerro Negro, Spain. Win Inertia designed and installed the system under a contract with the Spanish government’s Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF). In this installation, the system also enables ADIF to store excess energy in a battery bank that supplies an electric vehicle (EV) charging station located at the rail station. The facility also seamlessly integrated a photovoltaic (PV) generator to supply additional energy if required.

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MRI Technique Developed for Peeking Inside Supercaps

A team of chemists from New York University and the University of Cambridge has developed a method for examining the inner workings of battery-like devices called supercapacitors, which can be charged up extremely quickly and can deliver high electrical power.

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Skeleton Technologies’ Ultracapacitors Delivered to ESA

Skeleton Technologies have delivered the first SpaceCap ultracapacitors to European Space Agency. The company’s CEO Taavi Madiberk commented that the performance characteristics of the SpaceCap cells exceed the target electrochemical parameters set out by the project.

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Skeleton Technologies raises US$5.2M in Round A financing

Skeleton Technologies, a manufacturer of high power- and energy-density ultracapacitors (earlier post) has completed Round A financing of €3.9 million (US$5.4 million). The financing will be used for production scale-up and product development in addition to sales and marketing efforts.

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Ioxus Launches New Family Of Ultracapacitors

Ioxus Launches Family Of Ultracapacitors For Military, Transportation & Alternative Energy Industries – World News Report.

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Nesscap offers 125V Ultracapacitor Modules

Nesscap offers 125V Ultracapacitor Modules.

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Ultracaps Provide the Necessary Charge for Remote Power

In the modern world of connected everything, there are still sensors and equipment that can’t connect to the electric grid. Remote weather stations, pipeline monitors, navigation lights, security systems, and a host of other applications are forced to rely on energy sources that may be intermittent, unreliable, or of poor quality.

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