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EPCOS heavy duty film capacitors for smart meters

EPCOS FIlm for MetersPower utilities around the world are rolling out smart meters in order to enable automated meter reading and optimized energy management. The X2 capacitors from the EPCOS B3293* heavy duty series of film capacitors are well suited for these meters because they operate reliably over a long service life under extreme environmental conditions.

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TDK CSR Report 2014

TDK CSR Report 2014.

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TDK Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014 for TDK Corporation

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TDK Annual Securities Report 2014

TDK Annual Securities Report 2014.

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Epcos Releases X2 Film Series for Suppression

EPCOS B32926C/D Series Film Capacitors are X2 class components designed for interference suppression in a wide variety of applications. The B32926C/D series film capacitors from EPCOS are constructed from a polypropylene dielectric in small dimensions and with self-healing properties. The B32926C/D series capacitors have capacitance range from 0.010µF to 30µF and maximum operating temperature up to 110ºC.

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TDK Corporation Performance Briefing 1Q FY2015

TDK Corporation Performance Briefing 1Q of Fiscal Year March, 2015.

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TDK Performance Briefing Q1 of Fiscal 2015

TDK Performance Briefing Q1 of Fiscal 2015.

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