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TDK Investors’ Guide 2014

TDK Investors’ Guide 2014.

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TDK offers automotive feedthrough filters with high current capability

TDK Feed-Thru FilterTDK Corporation has developed a new series of 3-terminal feedthrough filters that are designed to meet the automotive industry’s demands for EMC components in emerging safety and infotainment applications.

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Murata, TDK likely saw profits soar despite Samsung’s slump

TOKYO — Murata Manufacturing and TDK apparently enjoyed large jumps in April-June profit on increased demand for smartphone and car parts and by expanding their client base beyond Samsung.

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TDK betting on automotive sensors

TOKYO — TDK is known as a top supplier of components used in personal computers and smartphones, but the Japanese company has been aggressively courting the automotive industry of late.

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Flextronics Recognizes Outstanding Strategic Suppliers

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Flextronics FLEX +1.05% announced the recipients of its 2014 Strategic Supplier Awards that were honored last month.

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TDK Expands Technical Support Tools for MLCCs

TDK Corporation has expanded its technical support tools for MLCCs: The new DC Bias Model enables designers to simulate DC bias characteristics of MLCCs, even when the DC bias applied to the MLCCs varies.

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TDK announces executive and personnel changes

TDK Corporation announces the following changes in personnel and responsibilities decided by resolution of the Board of Directors at a meeting held today.

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