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TDK Updated Outlook for FY2015

Projections | Financial Information | Investor Relations | TDK Global.

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TDK Corporation 1H FY2014 Performance Overview

TDK Corporation: Performance Briefing First Half of Fiscal Year March, 2015.

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TDK offers MLCCs with tolerance of ±30ppm/K up to +150°C

Now claiming to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of NP0 products in terms of voltage range and capacitance range, TDK has expanded its CGA series of automotive-grade MLCCs based on NP0 ceramics. The devices, which are rated from 250 to 630V, feature a temperature coefficient of 0 and a tolerance of ±30ppm/K up to +150°C.

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Japan’s electronic parts makers field record order volumes

OSAKA — Japan’s major electronic components producers, such as Murata Manufacturing and TDK, have been handling record-high order volumes, propelled by Apple’s new iPhone.

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TDK offers embedded capacitor solutions

TDK Embedded SolutionsFor passive components often determine the dimensions and the resilience to further processing processes, whether they are suitable for embedding and specific integration technologies. TDK makes here with innovative capacitors and thermistors as well as various methods of integration technologically superior solutions.

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TDK plans further expansion of its R&D footprint in UK

TDK Corporation will expand its research and development footprint further by opening a new 2,600 square feet R&D facility in Bristol.

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TDK Snap-in Capacitors with Increased Ripple Current Capability

Snap-in Capacitors with Increased Ripple Current Capability – Electronics News Today.

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