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Automotive sector strengthens adoption of supercapacitors

Overall, 2014 is expected to be a great year for the supercapacitor industry. Based on 2013 industry results, IDTechEx confirms its outlook for a 30% CAGR in the next 10 years. The supercapacitor market will reach a value of $6 billion in 2024.

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Nanobiomimetic Supercaps With High Rate High Energy Storage

Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors comprise an “Electron Well” and an “Electron-Dam” Membrane Electrode Assembling (MEA); the “Electron-Well” MEA compromises an electrode comprising a substrate of glassy carbon; a self-assembling membrane comprises a polymer matrix.

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Report Analyzes Supercapacitor Ecosystem

The global supercapacitor market report analyzes the supercapacitor ecosystem and the key market by material inlcuding electrodes, electrolytes, separators, and others. The application market covers the market share of different application verticals of supercapacitor.

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NEC/Tokin Supercaps Feature ‘Infinite’ Charge /Discharge Cycles

NEC:Tokin EDLCNew NEC/Tokin supercapacitors are now available from Farnell element14. A supercapacitor combines the characteristics of general capacitors and batteries, making them particularly useful as a secondary battery, such as power back-up in DC circuits and as a back-up device for the power shut-down of microcomputers and RAM.

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AGM Batteries vs. Ultracapacitors for Micro Hybrid Start/Stop

We’re already familiar with the basics for how ultracapacitors function, but what about AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries? What are the differences, and why are they so frequently confused?

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Supercapacitor market worth $2.10 billion by 2020

Supercapacitor Market by Materials, Products, Applications, and Geography – Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2020)”, published by MarketsandMarkets. The global Supercapacitor Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 26.93% from 2014 to 2020, which includes in-depth analysis of materials, products, application and geography.

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Rutronik: Panasonic Goldcaps Provide Low Cost Solution

The Goldcaps were developed by Panasonic’s Central Research Laboratory in 1972 and introduced to the commercial market in 1978.

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