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Supercapacitors have the power to save data loss

As solid state drives (SSDs) become a critical part of today’s storage, it is becomes increasingly important to learn about the supercapacitors that help prevent data loss.

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32ATPs Researches Biodegradable Supercapacitors

311_584182187141_7336_nThe continued research and development of greener, cheaper, lighter, more efficient energy storage is required to keep pace with the current and future functionalities of consumer electronics and portable devices.

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Supercapacitors for the Supergun

It is well known that supercapacitors can send out their entire charge almost instantaneously and are capable of millions of charge/discharge cycles without degradation. What’s more they have extremely low internal resistance or ESR and offer cycle stability in a wide temperature range – from +65 °C to -40 °C (batteries can’t perform well below 0 °C).

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Maxwell ultracapacitor cells for high shock environments

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new ultracapacitor cell from Maxwell Technologies.

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UltraCap partners with BT2000

This is their first venture in to Europe and Hung-Yen Liu, General Manager, said, “We needed a company who knows the Technology and the market. BT2000 also work with Vinatech for larger Super and Ultra Capacitors to 3000F and have a good understanding of the market, we are increasing production by 300% “.

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Using ultracapacitors in wind turbine applications

After designing capacitors for more than 20 years, it’s no surprise Chad Hall has a lot to say about ultracapacitors. Co-founder and VP of marketing and product management at Ioxus, Hall keeps a blog on the company’s website showcasing how ultracapacitors can benefit industries from automotive to renewable energy.

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Graphene is the Future of Tech and the Future is Here

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 20, 2014 – Even though graphite companies have been ever increasing blips on investors’ radar screens over the past couple of years, the space got a massive visibility and validation boost when the already iconic Tesla Motors announced its planned lithium ion battery gigafactory to be completed by 2017 to support the demand for its new Tesla Model S.

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