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AVX offers 125V Tantalum Polymer SMD Capacitors

AVX 125V PolymerAVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has surpassed previous milestones with the introduction of the new TCJ 100V and 125V tantalum polymer capacitors.

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KEMET: Process For Producing Electrolytic Capacitors

A process for preparing a solid electrolytic capacitor comprising application of a non-ionic polyol prior to application of a conducting polymer layer.

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Illinois Capacitors offers SMD Al Polymer Capacitors

IL Cap Conductive PolymerXMPL Series Polymer Chip Capacitors are an effective solution where smallest size and high performance are required.  Compared to surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, XMPL Solid Polymers offer longer life, greater stability with temperature changes and lower ESR at high frequencies.

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Panasonic offers tantalum and aluminum polymer capacitors

Solid Tantalum and Aluminium capacitors with conductive polymer from Panasonic – Electronics News Today.

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KEMET Expands Polymer Hermetic Seal Portfolio

GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — KEMET Corporation NYSE: KEM, a leading global supplier of electronic components, today announced first-to-market expansions to its Polymer Hermetic Seal PHS capacitor portfolio.

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Panasonic polymer capacitors suit varied applications

Os-con series aluminium solid capacitors are said to benefit from a high conductive polymer electrolyte material and excellent noise reduction capabilities and frequency characteristics.

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Samsung SM843T SSD Review

The Samsung SM843T is an enterprise-grade SSD that is designed to offer a consistent level of performance (99.9% reliable latency and QoS) over its lifespan, and is ideal for core enterprise use cases including Big Data systems, VDI and other high-performance enterprise platforms.

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