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Method For Fabricating Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

Abstract: The instant disclosure relates to an improved method for the production of solid electrolytic capacitor, comprising the following steps. First, provide an insulating substrate.

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32ATPs Researches Biodegradable Supercapacitors

311_584182187141_7336_nThe continued research and development of greener, cheaper, lighter, more efficient energy storage is required to keep pace with the current and future functionalities of consumer electronics and portable devices.

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Development board enables the easy prototyping of wearables

The LinkIt ONE development board, which aids in the easy prototyping of wearable and IoT devices, has been released by Seeed Studio. The board, which was designed for the MediaTek LinkIt Development Platform, was developed by Seeed Studio and MediaTek.

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Infineon to lead EMC² project

Europe has started the research project “EMC²”, which is intended to increase the performance and efficiency of embedded systems for the automotive and manufacturing industries, the Internet of Things, healthcare and aerospace.

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Replacing Silicon Electronics with Nanomaterials

Aaron Franklin has joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, with a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry.

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P&W Low Inductance Capacitor Assembly

Abstract: A low-inductance capacitor assembly (12) is provided. The capacitor assembly (12) includes a positive terminal plate (16), a negative terminal plate (18) and an array (20) of capacitors (22) disposed between and electrically coupled to the positive terminal plate (16) and the negative terminal plate (18). A passage (30) extends through the positive terminal plate (16), the negative terminal plate (18) and through a void (35) formed within the array (20) of capacitors (22). The passage (30) may allow routing of a conductor (14) through the capacitor assembly (12).

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Analog Memories Utilizing Ferroelectric Capacitors

Abstract: A ferroelectric memory having a plurality of ferroelectric memory cells, each ferroelectric memory cell including a ferroelectric capacitor is disclosed.

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