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Ceramic Powder, Semiconductor Capacitor and Method of Manufacturing

A ceramic powder for use in a grain boundary insulated semiconductor ceramic that has an excellent ESD withstanding voltage, a semiconductor ceramic capacitor using the ceramic powder, and a manufacturing method therefor.

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Solid Electrolytic Capacitor And Method For Producing

A solid electrolytic capacitor element having a solid electrolyte layer provided on a dielectric layer formed on a surface of an anode body comprising a valve acting metal including a pore, wherein the anode body is configured in such a way that multiple plate-shaped anode bodies are directly piled and integrated with a solid electrolyte, and adjacent piled anode bodies are joined at a section thereof, and a method for producing the solid electrolytic capacitor element.

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Issues in embedding components in PCB substrates

Continued pressure for electronic devices that provide greater functionality in ever-smaller form-factors is not only providing the driving force behind developing smaller surface-mount components and semiconductor geometries, but is also fueling another trend that sees passive and active components being embedded within PCB substrates.

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Development of World’s Smallest High Performance Capacitor

A group of researchers led by Dr. Takayoshi Sasaki and Dr. Minoru Osada of MANA of NIMS, succeeded in developing the world’s smallest high-performance capacitor by assembling two types of oxide nanosheets, – a conductive oxide nanosheet and a dielectric oxide nanosheet – into a sandwich structure, in the manner of LEGO block game.

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Direct Current DC Link Capacitor Module

A direct current (DC) link capacitor module includes a printed circuit board (PCB) formed by sequentially disposing a first electrode substrate, an insulation substrate, a second electrode substrate, a third electrode substrate.

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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Patent Announcement

A multilayer ceramic capacitor, whose CR product can be prevented from dropping with certainty even at a thickness of 1.0 μm or less, includes multiple unit capacitors wherein a part constituted by two adjacent internal electrode layers in the laminating direction and one dielectric layer present between the two internal electrode layers is defined as a unit capacitor.

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Oxide nanosheets trump current SOTA capacitor materials

(Nanowerk News) Electronics are getting smaller all the time, but there’s a limit to how tiny they can get with today’s materials.

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