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Circuit Having Capacitor Coupled With Memory Element

A circuit includes a capacitor and a memory element. The capacitor includes a first conductive layer, a first terminal, and a second terminal.

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Supercapacitor Desalination Cells, Devices And Methods

A supercapacitor desalination cell comprises a first electrode, a second electrode, a spacer disposed between the first and second electrodes, and a monovalent ion selective layer disposed on at least one of the first and second electrodes.

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Paper electronics could make health care more accessible

(Nanowerk News) Flexible electronic sensors based on paper — an inexpensive material — have the potential to cut the price of a wide range of medical tools, from helpful robots to diagnostic tests. Scientists have now developed a fast, low-cost way of making these sensors by directly printing conductive ink on paper.

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Capacitor Element Mounting Structure And Capacitor Element Mounting Method

A circuit board includes a wiring board on which is mounted first and second laminated ceramic capacitors near or adjacent to each other, arranged along a direction parallel or substantially parallel to a main surface of the wiring board, and electrically connected in series or in parallel via a conductive pattern provided on the wiring board.

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Cost effective MLCC capacitors launched

A new range of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, MLCCs has been launched from the Syfer Technology facility of Knowles capacitors. These capacitors are ideal for a variety of designs, but are aimed at those applications that are more demanding.

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SEMCO: MLCC And Mounting Board Therefor

There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including a ceramic body, first to third capacitor parts, first and second internal connection conductors, and first to fourth external electrodes, wherein the first capacitor part is connected in series with the second internal connection conductor, and the second capacitor part is connected in series with the first internal connection conductor.

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Stacked Capacitor Structure and Fabricating Method

A stacked capacitor structure of the instant disclosure comprises a substrate and a plurality of stacked capacitors. The substrate has an insulating layer formed thereon and a plurality of contact plugs in the insulating layer, wherein the contact plugs are exposed on the upper surface of the insulating layer.

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