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Solid Electrolytic Capacitor Package Structure For Decreasing ESR

A solid electrolytic capacitor package structure for decreasing equivalent series resistance (ESR), includes a capacitor unit, a package unit and a conductive unit.

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Power Converters With Integrated Capacitors

An apparatus having a power converter circuit having a first active layer having a first set of active devices disposed on a face thereof, a first passive layer having first set of passive devices disposed on a face thereof, and interconnection to enable the active devices disposed on the face of the first active layer to be interconnected with the non-active devices disposed on the face of the first passive layer, wherein the face on which the first set of active devices on the first active layer is disposed faces the face on which the first set of passive devices on the first passive layer is disposed.

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KEMET: Process For Producing Electrolytic Capacitors

A process for preparing a solid electrolytic capacitor comprising application of a non-ionic polyol prior to application of a conducting polymer layer.

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Thin-film Capacitor Device

The thin-film capacitor device is characterized by a hybrid type for temporarily storing charge upon receiving DC current from the thin-film capacitor while the voltage becomes lowering, and for supplying DC current in a state of a DC/DC inverter having a base voltage remaining so that a discharge effect continues until the amount of storage in the thin-film capacitor completely runs out.

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Graphene may provide power for flexible electronics

Flexible electronics have been on the horizon for a long time. Unfortunately, there’s more to making, e.g. electronic paper, than producing a bendable screen.

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Program funds Clemson technologies for commercialization

The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) announced Thursday that it has awarded funding to five Clemson researchers to further develop their Clemson technologies through a newly established program, the CURF Technology Maturation Fund.

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Electrostatic Capacitance Element And Resonance Circuit

A capacitance element body 2 is configured by two or more capacitors, the capacitors being formed of a dielectric layer 3 and at least three internal electrodes, the internal electrodes each being laminated via the dielectric layer 3 and arranged to allow a center of gravity of an electrode body forming electrostatic capacitance to be arranged on a straight line in a lamination direction.

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