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Electronica 2014 Features Panasonic Latest Creations

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe (PAISEU) which combines the decades of experience from Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe, Sanyo Components Europe, Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe and Panasonic Electric Works, has been exhibited for the first time, as a newly founded consolidated company at electronica 2014, held at the Messe Munich on November 11-14, 2014.

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Panasonic offers high-voltage and extended-life low-profile polymer capacitors

Panasonic Poylmer 1mmPanasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe PAISEU has introduced a new low-profile version of its SP-Cap range of speciality conductive polymer aluminium capacitors. Measuring just 0.9mm above the PCB, the devices LR & SR series are rated from 2V up to 6.3V with capacitance values of 68 to 220μF.

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Panasonic Low-Profile Polymer Capacitors Under 1mm High

Low-Profile Polymer Capacitors Under 1mm High – Electronics News Today.

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Panasonic to start strategic spending a year ahead of schedule

OSAKA — Panasonic will begin strategically investing in new sectors a year earlier than planned, with an eye on bulking up overseas, President Kazuhiro Tsuga told The Nikkei.

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Panasonic Restructuring Set to Unlock Value

In the last two years, a major restructuring at Japanese conglomerate Panasonic (ticker: 6752.JP) has transformed the business.

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How to Avoid Fallout from Panasonic Exiting the Snap-In Capacitor Business

End-of-life (EOL) product announcements are a ritual of the electronics industry. When newer, smaller and faster are the watchwords of new products, at some point the older, slower, larger pieces fall by the wayside, are rendered obsolete and bypassed by newer technology.

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Panasonic offers tantalum and aluminum polymer capacitors

Solid Tantalum and Aluminium capacitors with conductive polymer from Panasonic – Electronics News Today.

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