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Murata Offers 1206, 22µF/16V with Guaranteed Operating to 125°C

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized the new low profile monolithic ceramic capacitor, 1206 size (3.2×1.6mm) with having guaranteed operating temperatures 125°C, 22µF, 16V.

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Murata offers 0.1µF 0201 MLCC rated for 125°C at 16V

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized the new monolithic ceramic capacitor, 0201 Size (0.6×0.3mm) , 0.1µF with a higher guaranteed operating temperature (125°C/X7S characteristics/16V) .

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Ceramic Powder, Semiconductor Capacitor and Method of Manufacturing

A ceramic powder for use in a grain boundary insulated semiconductor ceramic that has an excellent ESD withstanding voltage, a semiconductor ceramic capacitor using the ceramic powder, and a manufacturing method therefor.

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Solid Electrolytic Capacitor And Method For Producing

A solid electrolytic capacitor element having a solid electrolyte layer provided on a dielectric layer formed on a surface of an anode body comprising a valve acting metal including a pore, wherein the anode body is configured in such a way that multiple plate-shaped anode bodies are directly piled and integrated with a solid electrolyte, and adjacent piled anode bodies are joined at a section thereof, and a method for producing the solid electrolytic capacitor element.

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Murata Launches New Visual Identity

Murata today launched a new visual identity that includes changes to the corporate logo and other key visual identity elements. The objective of this initiative is to better express Murata’s philosophy and brand promise — “Innovator in Electronics .

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Murata Technical Report: MLCC Trends (Part 2/2)

This article is a continuation of “Evolving Capacitors: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors, Part 1 Trend (part 1/2)”. Please read “part 1/2″ first for an overall perspective.

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Sony supplier reduction to speed product development – Nikkei | Reuters

(Reuters) – Sony Corp will reduce by about three-quarters the number of its parts suppliers to speed up development of its electronic products, the Nikkei reported on Thursday.

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