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MLCC And Circuit Board Mounted With MLCC

Disclosed herein is a multi-layered capacitor, including: an element formed by alternately multi-layering a dielectric layer and an internal electrode; and external terminals disposed at both ends of the element, wherein the dielectric layer disposed at an upper end U and a lower end L of the element is formed of a paraelectric material and the dielectric layer disposed at a central part C of the element is formed of a ferroelectric material.

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Kyocera producing High Q 01005 size MLCCs

Kyocera said it succeeded in developing the new CU02 series 01005 size multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) with the world’s highest Q value in the high-frequency band, for power amplifier circuits mainly used in smartphones and other telecommunications equipment.

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TDK Expands Technical Support Tools for MLCCs

TDK Corporation has expanded its technical support tools for MLCCs: The new DC Bias Model enables designers to simulate DC bias characteristics of MLCCs, even when the DC bias applied to the MLCCs varies.

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Vishay SMD MLCC in quad 2525 case size boosts Q, lowers ESR

Vishay 2525 High Q  MLCCVISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY QUAD HIFREQ 2525 case high-power surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC) is suitable for high-frequency RF applications.

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Befact Technologies Introduces Industrial Temp Embedded PoE Module

Befact Technologies releases a new industrial temperature -40¢XC ~ 85¢XC Power over Ethernet PoE PD module, PDI modules. PDI modules are fully integrated and isolated PoE+ PD module.

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Technical Report: Evolving Capacitors – MLCCs

The two important key phrases in describing the history behind the widespread use of monolithic ceramic capacitors are “size reduction” and “capacitance enhancement.”

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AVX -offers ESD-Safe Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

AVX Corporation has developed a new series of enhanced MLC capacitors specifically designed for general ESD protection. The small footprint makes them ideal for high density electronic devices like automotive modules, which often use ESD caps on nearly every pin.

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