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Kemet offers polymer capacitors for automotive applications

Latest from Kemet is its first automotive grade polymer capacitor. The T591 high-performance automotive-grade polymer tantalum Series delivers stability and endurance under harsh humidity and temperature conditions.

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Tecate’s PowerBurst Ultracapacitors Operate to +85°C

The Tecate Group, a leading global supplier of ultracapacitors and capacitors, today announced the newest member of their PowerBurst® family of cylindrical, radial-leaded ultracapacitor cells.

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TDK offers MLCCs with tolerance of ±30ppm/K up to +150°C

Now claiming to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of NP0 products in terms of voltage range and capacitance range, TDK has expanded its CGA series of automotive-grade MLCCs based on NP0 ceramics. The devices, which are rated from 250 to 630V, feature a temperature coefficient of 0 and a tolerance of ±30ppm/K up to +150°C.

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Kemet offers MLC Capacitors rated to 200ºC

Kemet High Temp Radial MLCCKemet C052H and C062H are High Temperature 200ºC radial molded MLC Capacitors. These capacitors are designed for high shock, high vibration applications such as aerospace engine compartments, geophysical probes, hybrid and electric automotive motor drives, and defense applications.

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Kemet X8L axial capacitors operate at 150°C

A line of high-temperature axial capacitors has been expanded, with manufacturer KEMET now offering what they claim is the industry’s first X8L dielectric in an axial form factor.

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KEMET Introduces New High Temp Radial MLCC

GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — KEMET Corporation KEM, +0.00% a leading global supplier of electronic components, today introduced its new High Temperature Radial Molded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors which offer industry-leading performance in extreme environments and high temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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NIC Electrolytics withstand reflow soldering to +260°C

New surface-mount V-chip aluminium electrolytic capacitors from ACAL Components are designed to withstand reflow soldering to +260°C. Manufactured by NIC Components, the six new families of liquid electrolyte, aluminium capacitors are compatible with the Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) alloy lead-free soldering process which has emerged as the industry-standard replacement for Sn-Pb solder alloys for RoHS-compliant products.

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