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Making graphene from plastic?

Graphene is gaining heated attention, dubbed a “wonder material” with great conductivity, flexibility and durability. However, graphene is hard to come by due to the fact that its manufacturing process is complicated and mass production not possible.

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ElectroGraph Project Creates Graphene Supercapacitors for EVs

ElectroGraph, a project supported by the EU, has succeeded in developing graphene-based electrodes for application in supercapacitors.

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What Will 2025 Look Like? Graphene Nanotube Capacitors

“If you think we’re electronically dependent now, you haven’t seen anything yet,” the analysts write. “Thanks to the prevalence of improved semiconductors, graphene-carbon nanotube capacitors, cell-free networks of service antenna and 5G technology, wireless communications will dominate everything, everywhere.”

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Supercapacitors and graphene overtake batteries

Supercapacitors and graphene overtake batteries: New IDTechEx event – World News Report.

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Graphene Flagship initiative doubles in size

(Nanowerk News) To coincide with Graphene Week 2014, the Graphene Flagship announced that today one of the largest-ever European research initiatives is doubling in size. 66 new partners are being invited to join the consortium following the results of a €9 million competitive call.

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New graphene research centre to open at Surrey

(Nanowerk News) The University of Surrey is to establish a graphene centre within its Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), expanding and consolidating the University’s graphene research and manufacturing capabilities.

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Graphene to make large scale electricity storage a reality

(Nanowerk News) Manchester is the home of graphene, as the ‘two-dimensional’ one-atom-thick carbon allotrope was first isolated here in 2004. The University of Manchester is a powerhouse for applied and fundamental graphene research, with the National Graphene Institute leading the way.

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