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NPL and U of M to accelerate commercialisation of graphene

(Nanowerk News) The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and The University of Manchester have signed a memorandum of understanding to help move the potential benefits of graphene closer to practical use, by accelerating the commercialisation of the remarkable 2D material.

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Researchers Build Flexible, Solid-State Supercapacitors

Rice University scientist Matteo Pasquali and his team contributed to two new papers that suggest the nano-infused body of a car may someday power the car itself.

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Graphene supercapacitor charger initiative by Zapgocharger

The Oxford-based startup Zapgocharger Ltd has recently gone public with a crowdfunding initiative to raise money for the development and production of the Zap&Go portable charger for phones and tablets.

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Graphene, Graphene And Graphene Again

Graphene is pure carbon in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet, single layer, one atom thick arranged in a lattice. It is remarkably strong for its very low weight, 100 times stronger than steel and it conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency.

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Graphene may provide power for flexible electronics

Flexible electronics have been on the horizon for a long time. Unfortunately, there’s more to making, e.g. electronic paper, than producing a bendable screen.

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Graphene for Supercapacitors

Almost from the moment graphene was first successfully synthesized back in 2004, researchers around the world have envisioned its use for the electrodes of supercapacitors.

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​Graphene Frontiers is expanding into New York

Graphene Frontiers, a manufacturing company that began at the University of Pennsylvania, will open a satellite office at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, New York.

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