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AmRad Engineering Celebrates 75 Years in Business

“My father started the business in Brooklyn, New York and relocated to Florida in 1987,” said Vice President of AmRad Richard Stockman. “We were a major supplier for over 35 years to the big three domestic automotive companies and the move gave us the opportunity to expand production and continue to lead the way when it came to lean manufacturing,” he added.

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AVX offers polypropylene capacitors for power applications

AVX Polyproplyne CapacitorAVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has released the new FM Series medium power film capacitors.

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Ferroelectric Capacitor including Ferroelectric Film

A ferroelectric capacitor includes a ferroelectric film, a lower electrode in contact with one surface of the ferroelectric film, and an upper electrode in contact with the other surface of the ferroelectric film.

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EPCOS heavy duty film capacitors for smart meters

EPCOS FIlm for MetersPower utilities around the world are rolling out smart meters in order to enable automated meter reading and optimized energy management. The X2 capacitors from the EPCOS B3293* heavy duty series of film capacitors are well suited for these meters because they operate reliably over a long service life under extreme environmental conditions.

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AVX offers medium-power film capacitors

Medium-power film capacitors – World News Report.

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P&W Low Inductance Capacitor Assembly

Abstract: A low-inductance capacitor assembly (12) is provided. The capacitor assembly (12) includes a positive terminal plate (16), a negative terminal plate (18) and an array (20) of capacitors (22) disposed between and electrically coupled to the positive terminal plate (16) and the negative terminal plate (18). A passage (30) extends through the positive terminal plate (16), the negative terminal plate (18) and through a void (35) formed within the array (20) of capacitors (22). The passage (30) may allow routing of a conductor (14) through the capacitor assembly (12).

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Chinese Metallized Film Capacitor Manufacturers Provide Upgrades

China manufacturers of metallized film capacitors are strengthening the category, spurred by the forecast 15 percent annual sales growth in coming years. While most continue to enhance the performance of mature types, major players venture into the development of SMD units and variants for new-energy industries.

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