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Chinese Metallized Film Capacitor Manufacturers Provide Upgrades

China manufacturers of metallized film capacitors are strengthening the category, spurred by the forecast 15 percent annual sales growth in coming years. While most continue to enhance the performance of mature types, major players venture into the development of SMD units and variants for new-energy industries.

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Epcos Releases X2 Film Series for Suppression

EPCOS B32926C/D Series Film Capacitors are X2 class components designed for interference suppression in a wide variety of applications. The B32926C/D series film capacitors from EPCOS are constructed from a polypropylene dielectric in small dimensions and with self-healing properties. The B32926C/D series capacitors have capacitance range from 0.010µF to 30µF and maximum operating temperature up to 110ºC.

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Aerovox Technology Addresses Capacitor Performance in High Temperature

Aerovox Corp. has developed a patent-pending technology that increases the stability of polypropylene film capacitors in high temperature applications. The company’s new UltraTherm(TM) technology improves dielectric breakdown strength by 20% or more versus traditional designs (≤105°C).

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AVX offers DC-link self-healing film capacitor

AVX has a range of medium power DC-link film capacitors, which have self-healing properties. FRC series capacitors are comprised of dry, wound, metalized polypropylene film dielectric encased in a size A, self-extinguishing, cylindrical plastic case sealed with thermosetting resin and featuring four snap-in terminals that facilitate easy mounting to PCBs.

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AVX film series provides high dielectric strength and wide temp range

AVX PA FLB Film SeriesAvnet has announced it now stocks the AVX PA FLB Series medium power film capacitor. The capacitor uses a metallized polypropylene dielectric aluminium can to provide high dielectric strength in operating conditions from -40C to 85C.

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MicroFarads offers AC MPP Motor Run/Start and PFC Capacitors

MicroFarads now offers high quality AC MPP motor run/start & Power Factor capacitors, manufactured by ISO:9001 certified Running Capacitor. MicroFarads has been selected as their US agent and distributor.

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Orange Drops: Busting Tone Control Capacitor Myths

Orange Drops: Busting Tone Control Capacitor Myths – World News Report.

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