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2014′s Top 6 Conflict Minerals Compliance Articles

My esteemed colleague Jeff recently pined for the day when MetalMiner can provide some ‘peaceful minerals’ coverage, as opposed to ‘conflict minerals.’

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Europe must stop trade in conflict minerals

Almost a decade ago, my film Blood Diamond told the story of the illicit diamond trade and its funding of the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone. The reaction was profound as consumers came to understand the sparkly ring they bought in their local jewellery store could have brutal implications elsewhere.

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Sapphire, gold, tantalum… What will iPhone 6 be made from?

It’s late August, and joining Goodwood and the Notting Hill Carnival is the newest seasonal event on the calendar: speculation about new iPhones.

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HP’s Journey to a Conflict-Free Supply Chain

Inside nearly every piece of technology that we rely on—from our laptops and tablets to cars and airplanes—are the minerals tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold.

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U.S. companies wary of suppliers’ conflict minerals

Wandering into an American Eagle Outfitters store, a customer is more likely to wonder if a denim jacket will look good with a purple V-neck T-shirt than whether that jacket’s metal buttons contributed to the war chests of armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Regulators Fail to Take Conflict Out of Conflict Minerals

LONDON — The conflicts surrounding the use of conflict minerals continue, as barely half of the publicly quoted US companies required to file their first conflict minerals (CM) reports did so by the June 2 deadline.

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Zogbi: Dodd-Frank Law Said to have Major Impact on Mining of Tantalum Ore

“ENOUGH” – The Project to End Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity issued a report this month (June 2014) entitled “The Impact of Dodd-Frank and Conflict Minerals Reforms on Eastern Congo’s Conflict,” in which it draws direct conclusions between the enactment of the United States Dodd-Frank Law (properly known as the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act), the independent actions of the electronics industry in establishing closed loop mining systems and the significant reduction of armed groups controlling tantalum mining operations in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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