Anglia Components Is Two Time TDK Winner 

Anglia Components has been named as TDK’s top European distributor for the second year in a row. Anglia was presented with the TDK Distribution Award in Gold for outstanding business performance in 2013 at TDK’s European distributor’s conference in Munich, … Read more

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Taiyo Yuden Consolidated Q3 Financial Results 2014

Taiyo Yuden Q3 Financial Results Presentation 2014.

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Murata offers 0.1µF 0201 MLCC rated for 125°C at 16V

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized the new monolithic ceramic capacitor, 0201 Size (0.6×0.3mm) , 0.1µFUnit of capacitance. The basic unit of a measure of a capacitor. A capacitor charged to 1 volt with a charge of 1 coulombA coulomb … Read more

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Kyocera consolidates in America

Kyocera has consolidated the North American sales and technical operations of Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation (KST) and Kyocera Circuit Solutions USA Inc. (KCS-US) into the Organic Products Sales Group of Kyocera America Inc. (KAI), based in San Diego, California, effective … Read more

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Panasonic offers Conductive Polymer Al E-Caps

Panasonic offers Conductive Polymer Al E-Caps

Based on common aluminum electrolyticA polarized capacitor exhibiting a very high capacitanceThat property of a system of conductors and dielectrics which permits the storage of electricity when potential difference exists between the conductors. Its value is expressed as the ratio … Read more

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TDK Power Capacitors Rated up to 10KµF and 4KV DC

TDK Corporation has unveiled the new MKK DCi-R series B25640 power capacitorsThis is a general term referring to capacitors that handle large currents or high voltages, can be used in charging systems, and applications in electrical distribution systems. with resin … Read more

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Ceramic Powder, Semiconductor Capacitor and Method of Manufacturing

A ceramic powder for use in a grain boundary insulated semiconductor ceramic that has an excellent ESD withstanding voltage, a semiconductor ceramic capacitor using the ceramic powder, and a manufacturing method therefor. The ceramic powder for use in a SrTiO3 … Read more

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Solid Electrolytic Capacitor And Method For Producing

A solid electrolytic capacitor element having a solid electrolyte layer provided on a dielectricThe insulating material between the plates of the capacitor. The material is chosen for its ability to permit electrostatic attraction and repulsion to take place across it. … Read more

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Epcos Heavy duty film capacitors for smart meters

Power utilities around the world are rolling out smart meters in order to enable automated meter reading and optimized energy management. The X2 capacitors from the EPCOS B3293* heavy duty series of film capacitors are well suited for these meters … Read more

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