TDK Investors’ Guide 2014

TDK Investors’ Guide 2014.

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TDK offers automotive feedthrough filters with high current capability

TDK offers automotive feedthrough filters with high current capability

TDK Corporation has developed a new series of 3-terminal feedthrough filters that are designed to meet the automotive industry’s demands for EMC components in emerging safetyClass X capacitors are used in “across-the-line” applications where their failure would not lead to … Read more

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Murata, TDK likely saw profits soar despite Samsung’s slump

TOKYO — Murata Manufacturing and TDK apparently enjoyed large jumps in April-June profit on increased demand for smartphone and car parts and by expanding their client base beyond Samsung. Murata likely saw operating profit rise 45% on the year to … Read more

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Buyer Claims Circuit Board Parts Were Artificially Priced

Law360, New York (July 21, 2014, 2:52 PM ET) — Panasonic Corp. along with units of Hitachi Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. were slapped with an antitrust class action in California federal court Friday alleging they participated in a … Read more

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Nichicon offers compact high-voltage aluminum capacitors

TTI is offering four series of high-voltage chip capacitors from Nichicon, which are designed specifically to provide reliable performance in applications such as automotive HID/LED ballasts, power supply equipment and battery monitoring units for electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles, power supplies … Read more

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Panasonic, Samsung Accused Of 9-Year Price-Fixing Scheme

Law360, New York July 22, 2014, 7:26 PM ET — Panasonic Corp. and a slew of other companies were hit with yet another class action in California federal court on Tuesday accusing them of conspiring to fix prices on a … Read more

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Suit Accuses Capacitor Manufacturers of Price-Fixing

SAN FRANCISCO — Bay Area plaintiffs attorney Joseph Saveri has launched price-fixing allegations against more than a dozen electronics manufacturers over tiny electrical components found in nearly all household technology. Among the defendants listed in the 48-page, class action complaint … Read more

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Kyocera producing High Q 01005 size MLCCs

Kyocera said it succeeded in developing the new CU02 series 01005 size multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCCMultiple-layer capacitors interleave dielectric and electrode layers. This type of capacitor has increased current handling capacity, higher Q, and lower internal series resistance than conventional … Read more

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TDK betting on automotive sensors

TOKYO — TDK is known as a top supplier of components used in personal computers and smartphones, but the Japanese company has been aggressively courting the automotive industry of late. The most avid salesperson is perhaps none other than President … Read more

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