Dutch Fairphone Focuses on Sustainable Supply Chain & ConMin

An Amsterdam startup designed and crowdsourced a new Android smartphone. The Fairphone is created on the principle that manufacturing must be done with minimal harm to the planet.

Human beings are natural collectors of stuff. In fact, society seems to be driven by consumerism. Most people buy, use, and discard electronic products with little thought to how that might impact the environment. There are even collectors with a passion for electronic devices, yet how many of them ever wonder what is inside their devices or who made them? Who are all those people working from where the supply chain starts to where it comes to an end in the form of a smartphone? What is their contribution to the smartphone you use daily? What are they getting in return?

People and the environment first

The Fairphone team members asked themselves questions of this kind and more. They went on a crusade far from their headquarters in Amsterdam to find the answers. They visited mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the manufacturing site in China. They decided to improve conditions for workers on the supply chain that would be part of the Fairphone. They built an e-waste program, and they started a crowdsourced program to pre-sell their sustainable smartphone, which is designed to put people and the environment first.

Fairphone shared a variety of images with EBN. Click the photo below for a slideshow of the process of creating the Fairphone from start to finish.

via EBN – Susan Fourtane – Dutch Fairphone Focuses on Sustainable Supply Chain & ConMin.

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