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Aerovox Extends Pulse Capacitor Operating Life

Manufacturers of medical and cosmetic lasers for applications such as hair and tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar minimization can now access high reliability pulse capacitors with best-in-class operating life from Aerovox Corp.

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Innovative FTCap Film Capacitor for in-wheel motors

In close collaboration with the Fraunhofer-Instituts, our team of engineers successfully developped a film capacitor for in-wheel motors. These new motors of the future are an important step in allowing tomorrow’s electrical vehicules to be mass-produced. These motors are a key element in a reliable and energy-efficient drive system.

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Aerovox Reports Performance Milestone for Defibrillator Capacitors

Aerovox Corp., a worldwide market leader in defibrillator film capacitors, has shipped over 1.25 million capacitors for external defibrillator applications with zero reported field failures. Aerovox’s defibrillator capacitors are designed specifically to meet the reliability demands of a Class III medical device.

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AVX introduces AC Film Class X2 Capacitor Series

AVX AC Filter Film CapAVX has introduced the new FV Series AC film capacitors. Designed to provide Class X2 interference suppression, FV Series metallized polypropylene film capacitors are rated for 305Vrms and exhibit self-healing properties, high moisture resistance, high tolerance for over voltage stress, and excellent active and passive flame resistant capabilities, which makes them ideal for use as across-the-line capacitors, EMI filters, and spark-killer circuits in a host of power and RF applications.

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TDK offers compact film cap with high pulse and current capability i

Film capacitors with high pulse strength and current capability in a compact design – Electronics News Today – EIN News.

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TDK offers compact film capacitors with high pulse strength

TDK-Epcos has launched two new series of MMKP capacitors which employ metallized film on both sides. The new capacitors offer particularly high pulse strength as well as a high current capability.

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TDK offers humidity-resistant X2 capacitors

X2 capacitors are used not only for EMI suppression. Thanks to their robustness and resistance to humidity and high temperatures, they are also suitable for voltage dividers in capacitive power supplies – for example, those of smart meters that are mounted outside buildings.

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