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AVX announces High Temperature Solutions catalogue

AVX has introduced its first applications-based catalogue, which provides engineers with detailed information about the various passive component solutions from AVX.

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CDE high-density stacked MLP capacitors operate to 125C

Cornell Dubilier has announced availability of its Type RA multi-layered polymer capacitors for 125C operation. Type RA capacitors are constructed using stacked metallized polyester protected with an impregnated sealant, which eliminates the need for an external case.

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TDK power capacitors offers ring-shaped design for e-mobility

TDK Ring CapacitorTDK Corporation presents the EPCOS RingCap – a power capacitor with an innovative design that is especially suitable for xEV applications. Thanks to its ring configuration, the new RingCap can be integrated into a clutch bell housing or wheel hub motors.

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Illinois Capacitor Offers QPC Series Motor Run Capacitors

ILCAP CSJH04_Illinois_1S_Apr2015QPC Series Motor Run Capacitors can save significant installation time when compared to conventionally leaded or terminated devices.  As shown below, just press an 18-20 gauge wire into one of the sockets and it becomes locked in place.

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TDK Intros Snubber Capacitor Finder

TDK Corporation presents the EPCOS Snubber Cap Finder – an innovative online tool that simplifies and speeds up the search for suitable snubber capacitors to protect IGBT modules against voltage peaks.

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JB Capacitors offers X2 EMI Suppression Film Capacitor

jb film capacitorsComponents Bureau introduces the JFV series of X2 electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression film capacitors from specialist capacitor manufacturer jb Capacitors.

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Nichicon: Trends in Film Capacitors for Power Electronics

With an expanding social infrastructure comes an increasing dependence on electrical energy. Against this backdrop many technologies now considered “indispensable” have emerged. Devices like converters for electrical power, and power electronics that convert and control electricity.

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