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Skeleton Announces New Energy Storage Unit for Batteries

An energy storage technology that is proving popular in applications ranging from spacecraft to race cars may have the potential to eliminate the expensive downtime that truck drivers and fleet operators often experience as a result of dead batteries.

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Towards higher voltage supercapacitors for consumer electronics

At IDTechEx we have invited a number of leading players in the graphene industry to write opinion pieces, reflecting on their produces, latest research, market insight, and commercialization experience. We will be releasing these articles over the next few weeks.

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Cap-XX supercaps support design of wearable and IoT

CAP-XX Thinline series of single-cell supercapacitors measure 0.6mm thick addressing the size, weight and cost challenges of designing thin, sometimes disposable IoT and wearable devices.

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Supercapacitors reveal their secrets

A new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique that can identify and quantify the ionic species responsible for storing charge in supercapacitors could help researchers better understand these devices on the molecular scale. The work could ultimately lead to improved supercapacitors.

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Jamicon supercapacitors bridge capacitor-battery gap

The DA series of supercapacitors from Jamicon are now available from Components Bureau. Bridging the gap between capacitors and batteries, these electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) are suitable for quick charge and discharge applications.

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Ultracap Resistance Breaking Down Among Automakers?

Ultracapacitors have been the next big thing in energy storage for well over a decade.

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Skeleton launches graphene ultracapacitors

Skeleton Technologies has launched graphene-enhanced ultracapacitors with a capacitance of 4500 farads. Skeleton claims this to be “the single biggest increase in energy density for ultracapacitors in the past 15 years”.

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