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Stop/Start Problems Could Charge The Ultracap Market

Inefficiencies and durability questions cropping up with now-proliferating stop/start systems could be opening the door for long-promising, but little applied ultracapacitor technology in the light-vehicle market.

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Supercapacitors for the Supergun

It is well known that supercapacitors can send out their entire charge almost instantaneously and are capable of millions of charge/discharge cycles without degradation. What’s more they have extremely low internal resistance or ESR and offer cycle stability in a wide temperature range – from +65 °C to -40 °C (batteries can’t perform well below 0 °C).

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Maxwell ultracapacitor cells for high shock environments

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new ultracapacitor cell from Maxwell Technologies.

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Choosing the Right Capacitor for IoT

Analysts predict that by the end of 2015 that 15 billion devices will form the framework for the IoT, and this will increase by 235% to 50 billion devices by 2020.

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How to kill an ultracapacitor

When working within their specified operating parameters, ultracapacitors will provide a stubbornly long and trouble-free existence. Ultracapacitors will outlast most other electronic components in any given application, which is why they are the perfect power delivery device in the most demanding environments.

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Using ultracapacitors in wind turbine applications

After designing capacitors for more than 20 years, it’s no surprise Chad Hall has a lot to say about ultracapacitors. Co-founder and VP of marketing and product management at Ioxus, Hall keeps a blog on the company’s website showcasing how ultracapacitors can benefit industries from automotive to renewable energy.

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Advanced Battery Tech From Recycled Cigarettes

Warren Buffett popularized the notion of investing in “cigarette butt” stocks. That is, extracting one last “puff” of value out of discarded stocks trading below liquidation value. Well, get ready to put a new spin on the term.

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