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CAP-XX Supercaps for Micro-Hybrid Automotive Apps

CAP-XX Supercapacitors for Micro-Hybrid Automotive Applications

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Downhole Supercapacitor Device

Certain aspects and features of the present invention are directed to a supercapacitor device that can be disposed in a wellbore through a fluid-producing formation.

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Supercapacitors: A New Hero in the Spotlight

Until recently, supercapacitors ultracapacitors worked at fairly mundane tasks such as circuit protection and as short-term back-up supplies, but applications have expanded to electric/hybrid vehicles, renewable energy; and with energy harvesting, wearables and the Internet of Things come into play.

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Tecate Introduces PowerBurst Ultracapacitor Series

Tacate PowerBurst UltracapTecate Group, a leading global supplier of capacitors and ultracapacitors, today announced the release of their new PowerBurst® TC Series ultracapacitors.

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Maxwell AMI Capacitor Monitor Reports Health of Capacitor Bank

AMI Capacitor Monitor Adapter Helps Report Health of Capacitor Bank – EIN News.

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Panasonic offers quick-charge supercapacitors

Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems (PAISEU) has improved and extended its portfolio of high capacitance Gold Cap electric double layer capacitors (EDLC). New versions are available which can operate at lower temperatures suiting industrial applications, while other devices have been increased in capacitance.

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Li-Ion capacitors will expand the use of hybrid transportation

A lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) is a hybrid type of capacitor out of the family of the supercapacitors. Activated carbon is used as cathode. The anode of the LIC consists of carbon material which is pre-doped with lithium ion.

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