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Panasonic Discontinues NHE Snap-In E-Cap Series

Panasonic has announced that it has discontinued its NHE Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Series. Richey Capacitors offers a replacement capacitor series. Please inquire at for substitute capacitors.

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Panasonic polymer capacitors suit varied applications

Os-con series aluminium solid capacitors are said to benefit from a high conductive polymer electrolyte material and excellent noise reduction capabilities and frequency characteristics.

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Nichicon offers compact high-voltage aluminum capacitors

TTI is offering four series of high-voltage chip capacitors from Nichicon, which are designed specifically to provide reliable performance in applications such as automotive HID/LED ballasts, power supply equipment and battery monitoring units for electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles, power supplies and LED drivers.

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ELNA offers Aluminum Electrolytic Series for High Vibration

ELNA has expanded the product line for the miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors called ”RKE Series” where the High-vibration resistance (40G) item was added.

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Elna Offers Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Series

ELNA has recently developed “conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors” which combined advantages of both aluminum electrolytic capacitors and conductive polymer capacitors. This new product incorporated the hybrid electrolyte that blended electrolytic solution (liquid) with conductive polymer (solid) using the unique electrolyte technology we had long been building up.

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Rubycon offers high-performance polymer aluminium series

Offering low ESR and exceptional high-frequency performance, Rubycon’s PZ-CAP and PC-CON conductive polymer aluminium solid electrolytic capacitors are now available from Farnell element14.

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Understanding polymer and hybrid capacitors

Capacitors may seem simple enough, but specifying them has actually grown more complex in recent years. The reason why comes down to freedom of choice.

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