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Würth Elektronik eiSos starts extensive capacitor program

Würth Elektronik eiSos, a European manufacturer of passive components, has completed its EMC program with the introduction of certified X2 film and X&Y ceramic capacitors.

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Panasonic offers high-voltage and extended-life low-profile polymer capacitors

Panasonic Poylmer 1mmPanasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe PAISEU has introduced a new low-profile version of its SP-Cap range of speciality conductive polymer aluminium capacitors. Measuring just 0.9mm above the PCB, the devices LR & SR series are rated from 2V up to 6.3V with capacitance values of 68 to 220μF.

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Epcos announces browser-based AlCap and FilmCap tools

Powerful browser-based design tools for EPCOS aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors now enable users to calculate the useful life for selected capacitor types under assumed operating conditions.

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EPCOS Capacitors offer high ripple current capability

Featuring high ripple current capability and compact dimensions, three series of EPCOS aluminium electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals have been released by TDK. The B43703, B43704 and B43705 aluminium electrolytic capacitors are particularly suitable for industrial electronics.

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Vishay screw-terminal power e-caps rated to 10K hours at +85C

Vishay Long Life E-CapsLatest from Vishay is a new series of screw-terminal power aluminium capacitors designed for traction and heavy-duty applications. Devices in the 110 PHT-ST series offer a long useful life of 10,000 hours at +85C and high ripple current to 19.76A at +85C in large 76mm x 146mm and 76mm x 220mm case sizes.

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UCC Electrolytics offer up to 60% higher ripple performance

UCC High Ripple Al CapsAvailable now from Digi-Key, United Chemi-Con’s GPD series lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors offer 30% to 60% higher ripple performance than conventional types, high-temperature operation and high heat resistance.

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TDK Snap-in Capacitors with Increased Ripple Current Capability

Snap-in Capacitors with Increased Ripple Current Capability – Electronics News Today.

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