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OnChip Devices Unveils New Line of Electrolytic Capacitors

OnChip added a wide range of devices to its capacitor product-line. Additions include axial, radial, surface mount, and V-chip film capacitors. These new devices expand OnChip’s previous line of capacitors by offering solutions for PCB designers who do not use wire bondable die in their circuits. These parts are moisture resistant and rated for DC circuits anywhere from 4V up to 2000V. All of OnChip’s capacitors are Pb-free and comply to the RoHS directive.

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Vishay Extends Voltage of Snap-in Power Electrolytic Capacitors

MALVERN, Pa., July 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE:VSH) today announced that it has extended its 157 PUM-SI series of ultra-miniature snap-in power aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a higher rated voltage of 500 V. Designed for power supplies, industrial motor controls, and solar PV inverters, the enhanced devices save board space and lower costs by allowing designers to utilize one component instead of two 250 V capacitors.

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Nichicon introduces UCH SMT electrolytic capacitor

Nichicon UCH SeriesNichicon Corporation has released a new line of surface mount electrolytic capacitors called the “UCH series.” The use of a new low-resistance electrolyte and a new internal structure provides the low ESR at cold temperatures needed in today’s harsh automotive environment.

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Vishay Snap-in Power E-Cap Offers Compact Size

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new series of miniaturized snap-in power aluminum capacitors with high capacitance from 820 µF to 47,000 µF in compact cases down to 20 mm by 25 mm. Designed for audio, industrial, and general power supply applications, 256 PMG-SI capacitors offer a long useful life, high ripple current, and low ESR.

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What Is a Polymer Capacitor? (Part 2)

In part 1 we provided an overview of the different types of capacitors and of Murata’s ECAS series polymer capacitors. In part 2 we will compare the characteristics of different types of capacitors, bringing in related data where relevant.

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Panasonic polymer capacitors withstand high temperature range

The recent series of polymer capacitors, from Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems, withstand high temperature range and feature a low ESR. The POSCAP TC series has a high resistance to stress, making it suited for industrial and other applications that require a life of 10 years.

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Panasonic aluminium capacitor features low ESR

A low ESR conductive polymer aluminium capacitor with high temperature, ensuring the devices are suitable for demanding applications, have been introduced by Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems. Part of the SP Caps range, the HX series devices have an ESR down to 4.5mΩ and an operating temperature range from -55 to +125°C means that devices have a life of 10 years at +85°C, according to the company.

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