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The IoT Ecosystem Meets the Supply Chain

We’ve all read the ever-increasing projections for Internet of Things (IoT) market growth. As this is occurring, there are a number of significant implications for the semiconductor and device supply industry.

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Hewlett-Packard Chinese networking unit up for sale

Hewlett-Packard Co. reportedly aims to sell the lions’ share of its $5 billion networking unit in China to a local buyer, reflecting tension between the U.S. and China amid growing interest for cross-border business among technology firms, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Component Makers Caught in Apple’s Revolving Door of Suppliers

If you’re a component supplier to Apple Inc., you’ll probably have noticed by now that a troubling trend is emerging between Apple and those companies that supply critical parts to iPhones.

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Envelope tracking market to exceed 4B units by 2018

Envelope tracking (ET) adoption rates will soar, according to a new forecast analysis published by fabless envelope tracking (ET) semiconductor firm Nujira Ltd of Cambridge, UK.

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Infographic: Electronics Consumers Excited by New Tech

Electronics purchases are a popular choice among American buyers, with three out of four reporting plans for spending in the coming year. Online outlets and brick-and-mortar sellers both remain popular choices, but those that flock to online options are often looking for a deal, the survey found.

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Microsoft says goodbye Nokia, hello Lumia

Microsoft Corp. said it’s transitioning away from using the Nokia name for its smartphones to the Lumia brand. Last September, Microsoft bought the handset division of Nokia for more than $7 billion. Now the company said it’s slowly getting rid of the Nokia name on its phones in favor of the Lumia name.

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Nokia means ‘Low Budget’

Nokia was once a giant among mobile phone manufacturers. Now Microsoft will use the Nokia brand only for its range of cheap mobile phones.

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