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CEO interview: Murata succumbs to IoT temptation

At electronica, EETimes Europe caught up with President and Representative Director Tsuneo Murata for an update on the company’s plans for the future

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Sony’s new plan means fewer TVs and smartphones, more PlayStations

Sony may know how to build great gadgets, but convincing people to part with money in exchange for them has turned out to be nearly impossible.

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Will Xiaomi be a target for Foxconn’s new collaboration with Innolux?

Following the announcement that Foxconn Electronics will collaborate with Innolux to invest roughly US$2.8 billion to construct new 6G facilities in Taiwan geared at producing LTPS technology for high-end smartphones, rumors have been spreading in the market as to which clients the two companies intend to target.

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Can Japan Get Her Groove Back With IoT?

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Japan, which once looked like a world leader as it pushed its Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and the smart home standard, is now trying to get her groove back via the Internet of Things.

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Component Suppliers Gearing Up for Wearable Electronics Boom

New York, N.Y. – The “hot” topic in today’s electronics market is arguably wearable electronics. Consumer devices such as “smart” watches, electronic fitness accessories, Google Glass come to mind, but the market is still in its infancy and is likely to embrace a wide range of products of varying forms and complexity.

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Rumour: Lenovo and Samsung competing for BlackBerry

Rumour has it that Samsung is currently in talks with Blackberry regarding a possible acquisition. The same applies to Lenovo who has also shown interest, according to a report in Benzinga, quoting sources familiar with the matter. The source would not go into details but said that Samsung is in a stronger position regarding the possible acquisition.

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Dell opens Internet of Things Lab to lure partners

Internet of Things devices hold out the promise of making routine daily tasks more efficient by gathering ever more specific data.

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