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Solid State Supplies and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionize the world in ways we cannot yet fully appreciate across a multitude of applications and markets including consumer, automotive, industrial, transportation, energy generation, and medical and healthcare, as well as enabling smart buildings, the smart grid and even smart cities.

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Global smartphone shipments grow nearly 26% in 2014

Global smartphone shipments totaled 1.167 billion units in 2014, increasing 25.9% from a year earlier, according to TrendForce.

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Xiaomi shipment growth to benefit component suppliers

Xiaomi is looking to ship 100 million smartphones in 2015, which will benefit its component suppliers such as HDI-board makers including Compeq Manufacturing, Zhen Ding Technology and Tripod Technology.

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Acer aims to double smartphone shipments in 2015

Acer expects its smartphone shipments in 2015 to double from 4-5 million units shipped a year earlier, according to company CEO Jason Chen. This means Acer aims to ship about 10 million smartphones in 2015.

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ZTE looks to ship 60 million smartphones in 2015

China-based handset vendor ZTE is expected to ship 60 million smartphones in 2015, increasing 25% from 48 million units shipped a year earlier, according to an industry estimate.

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Taiwan has chance to serve as major IoT application center

Taiwan’s technology industry, being a major design and manufacturing base for the global IT industry, is now stepping up efforts developing Internet of Things (IoT) and smart city applications and therefore Taiwan has a chance to become a major center for global IoT applications, according to TH Tung, chairman of Taiwan Computer Association (TCA).

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Samsung says it’s interested in working with BlackBerry (Nasdaq: BBRY), not buying it – Albany Business Review

Samsung Electronics Co. has no plans to buy BlackBerry Ltd., but would like to develop its partnership with the Canadian technology company.

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