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Is Baxter moving to Massachusetts?

MASSDEVICE ON CALL — Healthcare industry giant Baxter (NYSE:BAX) is moving its corporate headquarters to Massachusetts in a sneaky plot dubbed “Project Tiger” by Bay State economic and business officials, according to a Boston Business Journal report.

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Medical device consultants R&Q to open Boston-area office

A Pittsburgh-based consultant to medical device companies that’s doubled in size in the past year is opening a Boston office and plans to hire as many as 30 people in the next year.

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Smartphone becomes glaucoma monitor with eye implant

It’s a selfie that might save your sight. An implanted sensor could help people with glaucoma monitor the pressure in their eyes using a smartphone camera.

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Baxter International finds a HQ town and it’s not in Illinois

Boston real estate sources have confirmed that the international biotechnology company seeking to relocate its corporate headquarters to a major office and laboratory complex in Cambridge — a stealthy effort known locally as Project Tiger— is in fact Baxter International Inc.

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GE Healthcare says move to MA was spurred by recent reorganization

A vice president at GE Healthcare Life Sciences said in an interview Wednesday that the decision to move the division’s U.S. headquarters from New Jersey to Marlborough had been discussed for years, but was finally set in motion by a reorganization of the company a year and a half ago.

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Foxconn looking to step into medical equipment

Foxconn Electronics will step into the development and production of equipment for medical applications based on its economies-of-scale electronics manufacturing capability, according to company chairman Terry Guo.

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GE Healthcare Introduces the Next Generation Pocket-Sized Ultrasound

GE Healthcare introduces the Vscan with Dual Probe with the first of its kind 2-in-1 probe to give healthcare providers more uses for pocket ultrasound. This powerful pocket-sized ultrasound tool houses two transducers in a single probe, allowing clinicians to see both shallow and deep views of the body without changing probes.

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