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Plug Power employs largest staff since 2008

Plug Power has steadily increased its staff to more than 300 employees, the highest number since 2008 when a series of layoffs reduced the company’s workforce.

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Is 2015 the year of wireless charging?

It has been an incredibly exciting start to 2015 with several major announcements in wireless power along with several noticeable absences.

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Humanyze Combines Wearables And Data To Improve Decision Making

Humanyze, a unique new firm spawned in the MIT Media Lab, has developed a system that uses a smart employee badge to collect employee behavioral data, which it links to specific metrics with the goal of improving business performance. It announced $1M in seed funding today.

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Battery manufacturers face the power budget quandary

Many medical devices will use AC electrical power from the grid, using a battery as back-up. This creates a clear contrast with the power budget required for a typical hand held consumer device – such as a cell phone or tablet. This means that in many cases the battery only really comes in to play when power is removed or the device is being moved around a hospital.

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Apple sued by battery manufacturer A123 Systems for poaching engineers

Employee poaching is alive and well in Silicon Valley, especially now that Apple Inc. — previously alleged to be part of a “no-poaching” ring — may have its sights set on an electric car.

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Half a Million EVs Expected to be Sold Globally in 2015

What is the potential of fuel cell vehicles? What is the expected gasoline and diesel engine mix for 2015? How will the electric vehicles (EVs) market perform in 2015? Frost & Sullivan’s analyst briefing will try to answer all these questions.

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Siemens to lay off 7’800 worldwide

In a drive to streamline administrative and overhead functions, about 7,800 jobs are to be cut worldwide – including some 3’300 in Germany – at Siemens.

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