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Bose is pioneering noise-cancellation technology for car-makers

Bose Corp., the Framingham-based company behind noise-cancelling headphones, is now developing similar technologies tailored specifically for auto-makers.

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Apple Invests $1.9B in European Data Hubs

Apple says it’s investing 1.7 billion euros ($1.92 billion) in data centers in Denmark and Ireland that will be powered by renewable energy, its largest such project in Europe to date.

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US EMV Adoption to Drive Market

While less than 10% of cards shipped in the US last year were contactless, a mere 185m compared with 1.5 billion worldwide, this is set to change as the only major market not to have previously adopted EMV-standard cards finally makes the switch.

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Garmin rides fitness to quarterly, yearly growth

Garmin Ltd.’s fitness segment once again led a solid quarterly earnings report for the GPS giant.

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Electrolux CEO says Louisville will be part of the company’s future

Keith McLoughlin, president and CEO of Sweden-based AB Electrolux, says he’s feeling the heat.

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China’s Xiaomi targets smart-house market

BEIJING — China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi is launching a string of Internet-connectable home appliances and gadgets.

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Panasonic’s working on a headset to rival Samsung’s Gear VR

Panasonic is the latest company to throw its real hat into the virtual reality fray, after showing off a prototype headset that will compete with rival products from Samsung and LG.

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