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Apple to open R&D unit in Lund, Sweden

The American tech-giant seems to be eyeing Sweden as its base for a new R&D units. But as always with Apple, everything is really quiet.

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Notebook supply chain starts preparing 1Q15 orders

With the notebook supply chain’s labor shortages in the first quarter of 2015 expected to be a lot more serious than in previous years, some notebook brand vendors such as Dell have asked suppliers to start processing their orders in December, a month earlier than usual, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

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Intel Merges Mobile, PC Divisions

SAN FRANCISCO – In a move to streamline business and combat dismal mobile financial results, Intel will merge its mobile and PC divisions in early 2015.

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Nokia goes hardware

The N1 will be brought to market in Q1 2015 through a brand-licensing agreement with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner responsible for manufacturing, distribution and sales.

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Looks like the Nokia tablet is actually a Foxconn tablet

Nokia’s return to the consumer scene – with the launch of the N1 tablet – comes with a partnership together with EMS giant Foxconn.

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Compal Electronics expects 2015 shipments to grow 25% on year

Compal Electronics expects ODM shipments of notebooks, smartphones, tablets and LCD TVs in total to increase 25% on year in 2015, company president Ray Chen said at a November 13 investors conference.

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Asustek aims at 3rd largest global notebook market share for 2015

Asustek Computer expects to ship 20.1 million notebooks (including notebook/tablet hybrid models) in 2014, increasing 6.9% on year, and aims to see 2015 shipments grow over 5% on year to attain the third-largest global market share, the company said at a November 12 investors conference.

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