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TDK develops wireless charging for electric vehicles

TOKYO — Japanese electronic components maker TDK has developed a wireless charging system for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which it hopes will be in use around 2018.

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1,300 new jobs at Volvo factory in Sweden

FRANKFURT — Volvo Cars, which is owned by Chinese carmaker Geely, is employing 1,300 new workers at its Gothenburg factory in Sweden.

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The Other Tesla

I find myself going to Kickstarter and Indiegogo on a regular basis these days because they have become real innovation marketplaces. As far as I’m concerned, this is where a lot of cool new products and ideas are surfacing — not in VC-backed companies, as they used to be.

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Japanese carmakers adding foreign-built models to domestic lineups

TOKYO — Japanese automakers are moving to bring models they build abroad to their home market amid the weakening of the yen, a sign that these companies are steadily establishing global production systems immune to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Whatever the Future of the Automotive Industry, Electronics is the Key

Compared to the 4.0% average growth expected for the car market, this higher growth rate can be explained by the following factors:

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Eaton helps choice of automotive components

Eaton Electronics Division has produced a web-site to help choose components for automotive electronics. The Automotive Electronics Solutions (AES) portal aims to accelerate specifications and selection of components.

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Chinese car sales losing steam amid economic uncertainty

BEIJING — New-car sales in China climbed 2.5% on the year in September to 1.98 million vehicles, marking essentially the lowest growth in two years as signs of an economic slowdown discouraged purchases.

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