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Buffett to recharge battery market for EVs with Duracell?

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is buying Duracell in a deal worth $4.7 billion. With products ranging from alkaline batteries to NiMH and lithium rechargeable products, analysts speculate that the acquisition is a forward step that could have far-reaching implications for the power technology industry.

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Electronics Production Equipment: Growth track for 2014-2015

This means that the apprehended special situation of photovoltaics production equipment which had dampened the expectations from nine to 3.2 percent reported in the April survey have not occurred. Turnover expectations for 2015 of 4.7 growth give evidence of a still very optimistic industry. Growth impulses increasingly arise from surface mount technology and board assembly.

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Murata sees potential in IoT and wearable industries

Japan-based component maker Murata Manufacturing has showcased its latest wearable devices at China Hi Tech Fair Elexcon 2014 and is planning to release one stop solutions to assist its clients to enter related markets.

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American Manufacturing: An Expanding Frontier

In the electronics industry, a “Made in America” label is something that is much talked about — and sporadically achieved. That trend may be shifting.

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Apple to open R&D unit in Lund, Sweden

The American tech-giant seems to be eyeing Sweden as its base for a new R&D units. But as always with Apple, everything is really quiet.

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Global Electronics Industry Business Outlook 11/21

Global Electronics Outlook – TTI Marketeye – Walt Custer 11/21/14

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Kaman Announces Contract To Support Aircraft Upgrade For Peru

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. — Kaman Corp. (NYSE:KAMN) announced Thursday that it has entered into a contract with General Dynamics Canada to remanufacture and upgrade four Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite aircraft and provide support for the operation of a fifth aircraft for the Peruvian Navy. The program value to Kaman is expected to exceed $40 million.

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