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Performance Results for OEM Markets in 2014

Bishop & Associates tracks sales and profits in 13 market sectors. Based on the 120 companies it follows, it evaluated the performance results for OEM markets in 2014.

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Why Supplier Relationships Matter

It’s no secret that developing tight relationships with your suppliers will garner major benefits including better pricing, higher quality parts, and access to the latest innovations and savings opportunities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry, where some of the largest automotive OEMs have lost their way, while others are reaping the benefits of improved supplier relations.

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Global Electronics Outlook 5/20/15

Global Electronics Outlook – TTI MarketEye – Walt Custer 5/20/15

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Electronics Buyers’ Environmental Role Expands

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is reporting that a growing group of purchasers, including procurement managers in the electronics industry, are increasing their involvement in efforts to collect and share data on environmental risk among their suppliers.

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IHS Quarterly Technology Overview

IHS Quarterly Technology Overview Q2-2015.

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Let’s Call Apple’s Supply Chain What it Really Is

What makes one supply chain superior to another? That’s a question that I’ve been mulling over since Apple Inc. announced that the launch of the Apple Watch has been delayed. Once again, Apple is missing a product release because of an alleged faulty component.

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JEITA: March 2015 Exports of Electronics from Japan

JEITA: March 2015 Exports of Electronics from Japan / Statistics.

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