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Chinese Innovations? They are Real

Chinese firms are beefing up research and new product development programs in a bid to gain higher margins from the global market, according to industry experts. As a result, the number of innovative devices coming out of China has risen steadily in recent years and this pace is only likely to accelerate in future, according to Gordon Orr, a director with McKinsey & Co.

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Electronics Industry Responds to Macroeconomic Realities with Innovation

In previous posts, I examined the high-tech industry in significant detail by picking a representative sample of leading systems, software, and semiconductor companies.

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Global Electronics Outlook 2/25/15

Global Electronics Outlook – TTI MarketEye – Walt Custer 2/25/15

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Global Electronics Outlook 2/18/15

Global Electronics Outlook – TTI MarketEye – Walt Custer 2/18/15

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Logistics Are Strategic in the Energy Supply Chain

The three laws of real estate are ‘location, location and location’. This is because land is a commodity whose location cannot be changed once you take title. For commodities which CAN be moved, the magical word is LOGISTICS. And, sometimes LEGISLATION.

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U.S. Manufacturing Facing a Worker Shortage

Opponents of offshore manufacturing and immigration reform point to U.S. job losses as the main effect of these actions. Yet two studies released this week conclude the U.S. manufacturing industry is facing a drastic shortage of talent.

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Monopoly May Be a High-Tech Electronics Sector Killer

The fall to six-year lows in oil prices has been swift and unexpected for many economists. However, for following macroeconomics theory, these decrease in oil prices is completely expected. The pace of energy sector layoffs has been similarly quick, if not so surprising.

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