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Circular Marketing Strategy

Years ago, I tried to describe integrated marketing to a smart and savvy technology entrepreneur. He couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

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The Unique Challenges Facing the Electronic Component Industry

During the week of October 12, 2014, I attended the 55th General Assembly of the Tantalum–Niobium International Study Center held in bustling Times Square Manhattan. This year’s assembly was special for me as I was made a delegate and my firm became a “member company.”

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Data Overload: The Challenge of Managing Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics is good for business — as long as you can make sense of it. Does your business suffer from a case of data overload? Or do you steer clear of new investments in supply chain analytics because you are afraid they could yield more data than your business can handle? You are in good company.

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China’s GDP growth falls to five and a half year low

BEIJING — China’s National Bureau of Statistics said Tuesday the country’s gross domestic product rose 7.3% on the year for three months through September, the slowest growth since the first quarter of 2009.

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TI Reports Solid Growth in Q3

Dallas, Tex. – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today reported third-quarter revenue of $3.50 billion, net income of $826 million and earnings per share of 76 cents.

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SEMI book-to-bill turns negative

The SEMI book-to-bill turned negative in September after a decline since June. The June b-to-b was 1.1, it slipped to 1.07 in July, 1.04 in August and to 0.94 in September.

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Are American Tech Companies Disloyal?

FBI Director James Comey had some choice words this week for startups and technology companies about their increasing use of encryption and their responsibilities to law enforcement.

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