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Infographic: Electronics Consumers Excited by New Tech

Electronics purchases are a popular choice among American buyers, with three out of four reporting plans for spending in the coming year. Online outlets and brick-and-mortar sellers both remain popular choices, but those that flock to online options are often looking for a deal, the survey found.

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Electronic Component and Electronic Equipment Outlook 10/23/14

Electronic Component and Electronic Equipment Outlook – TTI MarketEye – Walt Custer 10/23/14.

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Dan DiMicco’s solution for what ails U.S. economy?

Forget the idea that the U.S. economy is chugging along in a respectable recovery after the Great Recession, says Dan DiMicco, former CEO of steel manufacturer Nucor Corp.

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Asia a bright spot in Japan’s dim export picture

TOKYO — Japan’s government and central bank are counting on export growth to help the economy overcome April’s domestic-demand-dampening consumption tax hike. The latest figures show that despite a weak yen, overall shipments remain sluggish, though business with the rest of Asia is providing some hope.

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Circular Marketing Strategy

Years ago, I tried to describe integrated marketing to a smart and savvy technology entrepreneur. He couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

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The Unique Challenges Facing the Electronic Component Industry

During the week of October 12, 2014, I attended the 55th General Assembly of the Tantalum–Niobium International Study Center held in bustling Times Square Manhattan. This year’s assembly was special for me as I was made a delegate and my firm became a “member company.”

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Data Overload: The Challenge of Managing Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics is good for business — as long as you can make sense of it. Does your business suffer from a case of data overload? Or do you steer clear of new investments in supply chain analytics because you are afraid they could yield more data than your business can handle? You are in good company.

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