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Prescriptive Analytics Creates Healthier Supply Chain

The traditional supply chain and the supply chain management function are being morphed into an integrated value chain. This optimization makes up for a more efficient flow of supplies and products; and more importantly, an emphasis in customer and business value.

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Sales: Changing The Customer Conversation

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde, Irish Playwright

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Procurement & Finance: A Collaborative Approach

Procurement usually has its closest relationship with the finance department. Unfortunately, that relationship can also be the most challenging.

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 Take up the cost reduction challenge

Cost reduction is an ongoing challenge. Dynamic EMS tackles the issue head on with supply chain management, standardisation and design for manufacture strategies.

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Risk-Based, Tiered Approach to 3rd Party Anti-Corruption Achieves Due Diligence

Many businesses use third parties as part of their global value chains. While third parties can be necessary and beneficial in a number of circumstances, they carry potentially significant corruption-related risks as well.

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Global Electronics Outlook 4/15/15

Global Electronics Outlook – TTI MarketEye – Walt Custer 4/15/15

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Electronics industry: Generating revenue thru effective CRM

Today’s customer relationship management (CRM) has gradually moved beyond its intended scope and function to now actually help generate revenue for companies. Although C-level sales executives might disagree and say, “Sales people drive sales, not IT,” truth of the matter is that CRM has emerged to become a much more meaningful aspect of any organisation, revenue-wise.

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