Elektrobit rationalises its operations in Finland

EB has decided to terminate the employment contracts of a maximum of 19 employees in its sites in Kajaani and Tampere. For a few employees, EB will alternatively offer new positions in Oulu. With these actions EB will achieve annual cost savings of approximately EUR 1 million, from the beginning of 2015 onwards. Currently, the Wireless Business Segment has 465 employees in Finland.


Global storage market to reach US$38B in 2014

The global storage market, including HDD and enterprise SSD devices, is expected to grow from around US$36 billion in 2013 to US$38 billion in 2014 and further to US$42 billion in 2015 as demand from cloud computing and Internet of things (IoT) industries as well as demand for personal, mobile and PC storage products, continue to increase, according to an estimates by Western Digital.

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Sony’s Debuts Smartglasses Module

SAN FRANCISCO — After demonstrating a prototype earlier this year, Sony has announced an attachable smartglass module that can turn ordinary glasses into augmented reality devices.

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Harman grabs hidden infotainment gem S1nn

S1nn’s latest achievement, announced the same day as the acquisition through Harman, is the design of the surround sound system for the Tesla S – a system that delivers awesome 500 watts of sound power out of a 25 litre bass speaker.

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Xiaomi has difficulties expanding overseas

China-based Xiaomi is facing major difficulties in selling its smartphones outside of China despite the company’s aggressive actions and the fact that it has been one of the most talked about smartphone brands in the industry, according to a Chinese-language report.

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Get Gifted in Sales & Ops Planning

Managing sales and operations planning (S&OP) in a formalized way can put an electronics OEM at the head of the pack, and lead to a good year-end sales report. That’s the gift that keeps on giving during the holiday season.

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Harris Corp. awarded $18M radio order from Philippines

Harris Corp. announced a second big contract award on Friday, this time an $18 million Falcon III radio order from the Philippines.

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